Non Judicial Foreclosure Coming to Florida?

The group wants Florida to join the other 37 states with non-judicial foreclosure proceedings, which the bankers say would ease the crisis of backlogged cases the state faces – by some estimates approaching 800,000 this year. In 2009, the state’s foreclosure rate climbed higher with nearly 400,000 filings.

Judicial and non-judicial foreclosures. A lender that wants to foreclose on your home has two foreclosure options: judicial and non-judicial. A judicial foreclosure is processed through the courts; some states require lenders to use this process. A non-judicial foreclosure is handled outside the court system.

The Florida. foreclosure mills like Stern’s are well-greased, assembly line-like operations that try to squeeze profits from every step of the foreclosure process, from the filing of the legal.

In September 2011, presentations were given to both the Florida House and the florida senate encouraging them to pass legislation implementing nonjudicial foreclosures. Currently, between 25 and 37 states have some form of nonjudicial foreclosure. The only method of foreclosure now available in Florida, however, is a judicial foreclosure.

If bankers get their way, Floridians facing foreclosure could be kicked out of their homes in as little as three months. The florida bankers association, the 400-member-strong lenders’ lobby, has presented state legislators with a bill to upend decades of Florida law and establish "non-judicial" foreclosures in Florida by July 1.

Again, this is a judicial process – there is not a non-judicial foreclosure process. The legislature's mortgage foreclosure effort may be viewed florida statutes, the property from foreclosure by coming up with the money before confirmation.

I believe that a key reason for why markets in some non-judicial states like California seem to be recovering faster than markets in judicial foreclosure states like Florida is because foreclosures.

Many of us remember when various states began adopting legislation to allow for the non-judicial foreclosure of timeshare realty. We all celebrated at the time, but later it became apparent that while HOAs could now regain inventory in cases where the owners were not paying their annual maintenance fees, they still needed to pay expensive fees to a lawyer to go through the paperwork.

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judicial Florida is a judicial foreclosure state Go.. In a non-judicial foreclosure, the lender takes over the home and sells in through public auction. The earlier you begin your negotiations.

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