Why Now Is The Best Time To Refinance Your Adjustable-Rate Mortgage and Cash Your Equity?

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The Best Time to Refinance Your Home Loan. Usually, the best time to refinance your home mortgage is when interest rates are low. Due to the costs associated with refinancing, the current interest rate should be at least 1% lower than the interest rate on your existing loan for refinancing to make sense.

The general rule of thumb is that refinancing to a fixed-rate loan makes the most sense when interest rates are low. While no one can predict whether rates will go up or down in the future, many homeowners are currently taking advantage of today’s low rates to refinance from their adjustable-rate mortgage to a new fixed-rate mortgage.

When I looked at refinancing this time, I started with the same method. Because I have a 15-year fixed rate mortgage now, I looked at 15-year fixed and. A cash- out refi means borrowing more than the current loan balance. I would re- finance in a heartbeat if it were possible, but the equity in our house is.

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Amazon Web Services · Capital One · Cole Haan · Deloitte · ExtraHop. Interest rates play a huge role in how much money you pay for your. Typically, what makes adjustable-rate mortgages (arm) so. Since the amount that you owe on your home is lower now than it was when you first bought it, you're.

With an ARM, the interest rate changes over time, usually in relation to an index, A cash-out refinance is an alternative to a home equity loan.. gone up, the value of your house has increased – it's now worth $250,000.

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CDs · Savings · Money Market Accounts · Real Estate. For some homeowners, it could still be a good time to refinance. The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has dipped below the 4% mark.. 5/1 ARM, 3.90%, 2.63%, May 1, 2013. loan even if you have little or no equity in your home, a much lower.

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But just because you can refinance doesn’t mean that it’s always the best move. off just sticking with your old mortgage rather than refinancing. 2. The only way to get a lower rate is to switch.